Therapy Services at Cardinal Village

Therapy Services at Cardinal Village

Therapy Choice

Quality Physical and Occupational Therapy

At Cardinal Village, residents benefit from having Therapy Choice as part of the team. 

Who is Therapy Choice?

We are geriatric rehabilitation specialists that provide 1-on-1 physical and occupational therapy in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Our dedicated team of therapists, through their encouragement, expertise, and professionalism, has helped the older adult lead a more independent life.

Our goal is to help you become more secure, safe and independent with daily activities such as mobility and dressing.  Early therapy intervention helps to minimize falls, improve independence and create a safer environment.

Would I be a good candidate to receive therapy?

Yes, if:

  • Your energy level has decreased
  • You have had recent surgery
  • You have a fear of falling
  • You have painful joints and muscle weakness
  • Dressing, bathing and toileting are becoming more difficult